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Emergency Housing Assistance Program II

This is important information for all Prince William County residents.  Please read in its entirety and share it with family and friends who can benefit from this service.

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Supervisor Andrea Bailey Successfully Secures Funding for Key Initiatives in FY2024 Budget

Budget Invests in Crime Prevention, Mental Health, Schools, and VRE

WOODBRIDGE, VA -   Supervisor Bailey announced funding for several of her key initiatives in the newly approved Fiscal Year 2024 budget. She delivered on increased funding for her Crisis Receiving Center project, funding for two new county Grant Writers, and funding for the VRE stations - including the station being built in Potomac Shores. Supervisor Bailey also celebrated the reduction in property taxes, as well as the Board’s landmark investments in public safety and education.

“With our FY2024 budget, I wanted to make sure we’re putting our money towards our values’” said Supervisor Bailey. “This budget will fund two of my top priorities - the new Crisis Receiving Center, and the VRE station that will be right in the heart of my district. I’m also looking forward to how we can fund future projects for the Potomac District and the whole county, which is why I made the recommendation to create two new Grant Writers positions for the county.”  

Additionally, Supervisor Bailey joined the rest of the Board in approving the following priorities:

  • Competitive salary raises for our public safety and government employees: Salary raises of 15% plus an additional 3% Cost of Living Adjustment for the staff at Fire & Safety, the Sheriff’s Office, and the Adult Detention center. A salary raise of 6% for general government employees, with the 3% budgeted for Cost of Living Adjustments. 
  • Fighting crime by funding a Community Safety Initiative Program.
  • Fully funding education, with 90.8 million dollars going to schools and additional support going to NoVa Community College for workforce development.
  • Lowering the property tax rate by 6.4 cents: dropping the current rate of $1.03 to a $.0966 tax per $100 assessed value, allowing for an average residential flat tax bill.
  • Combating climate change by allocating money towards our Climate Mitigation and Resiliency Goals.

This budget becomes effective July 1, 2023.