Mental Health Awareness 5K Walk

What a beautiful day we had at the 5K Walk for Mental Health Awareness! Under Supervisor Bailey's "One Prince William" initiative, on Sunday, October 15th, participants walked in this county-wide event to help educate, advocate, and dispel myths and stigma centered around mental illness. This walk was all about self-care to RESET, REFOCUS, and RENEW our body and mind. Thanks to Chair Ann Wheeler, County Executive Christopher Shorter, Deputy Executive Quintin Haynes, Elijah Johnson, and Lisa Madron for coming out, speaking, and walking the trails with us. Thank you to our special guest speaker, Olympic Gold Medalist and Marketing Executive Benita Fitzgerald Mosley, for walking alongside us and for her inspiring words. Many thanks to all our inspiring and thought-provoking speakers: Assistant U.S. Surgeon, U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps General Rear Admiral Matthew Kleiman, Vice Commander for the Combat Veterans Alumni Group and decorated Retired Army Veteran Mr. Derek Davis, and Founder of 1015 Ms. Gigi McMillian, to the beautiful and talented Divine Inspirations dancers and founder Capriece Piper, and to our generous sponsors DJ Harvey Lee and the Boys and Girls club of Greater Washington, thank you! Special thank you to the Potomac District staff, our outstanding volunteers, vendors, ad walkers from adults to toddlers. There would not have been a walk and successful event without your participation and interest in this social issue! See you next year in May!